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  • Commercial Flat Foreman and Sheet Metal Foreman

    McKinnis Inc.
    Job Description

    Job Responsibilities:

    The basic function of the Foreman is to provide the necessary leadership to ensure that the projects he/she is assigned, are to be organized to insure the very best Customer Service, Quality Workmanship, and Timely Productivity.

    · Communicate with sales managers and Superintendent by the use of blueprints, shop

    drawings, documents and orally to allow effective organization of projects

    · Communicate with owners, architects and general contractors about jobs in progress.

    · Organize and schedule your roofing projects and repairs to be completed in a timely and

    professional manner.

    · Help schedule and prioritize sub-contractors as needed for your roofing projects and/or any

    projects that are in process by McKinnis, Inc..

    · Inspect completed projects to ensure that jobs have been handled in a professional manner

    by the means of quality workmanship, safety and with customer service as our main priority.

    · Prepare punch lists for inspected jobs and insure that punch lists are completed in a timely

    matter and correctly.

    · Train, establish and maintain your crew to achieve optimum customer service, quality

    control, safety and profitable productivity.

    · Check and maintain supplies and materials on your job, in a timely and effective manner,

    required for the smooth operation of your roofing projects through the use of purchase

    orders and inventory.

    · Provide technical support to your crew working on your projects.

    · Schedule upcoming roofing projects with the Superintendent.

    · Maintain McKinnis Roofing Equipment, tools, trucks, yard, building, offices and any other

    items used by McKinnis Roofing & Sheet Metal to allow us to maintain our primary functions

    in a quality and professional manner.

    · Participate in the annual update of the McKinnis Roofing & Sheet Metal Strategic Plan, and

    see that sufficient progress is made each year in achieving the objectives in that Plan.


    · Ability to read, analyze, and interpret blueprints, management reports, and technical


    · Must be knowledgeable in establishing and implementing with his field team, the safety

    guidelines that are established by McKinnis Roofing & Sheet Metal and the Occupational

    Safety and Health Association (OSHA).

    · Ability to set goals and objectives.

    · Ability to think strategically.

    · Ability to listen effectively.

    · Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

    · Ability to interact positively with staff, management, field people and customers.

    · Ability to make decisions quickly and effectively.

    · Ability to organize, schedule and prioritize.

    · Ability to maintain the confidentiality of customer information.

    · Knowledge of the Company’s industry and competitive environment, and of trends impacting

    its business.

    · Knowledge of the procedures, processes, and capabilities of McKinnis Roofing & Sheet


    · Ability to follow through on commitments.

    · Must pass a pre-employment background check.

    · The knowledge and understanding of all types of roofing applications that McKinnis Roofing

    & Sheet Metal performs.

    McKinnis Inc. offers a competitive compensation package. Salary & Benefit package will be discussed during interview.

    The best part is working for a great company where your hard work is recognized and appreciated!

    Apply in person at:

    McKinnis Inc - 164 South 1st Street, Blair, NE 68008

    McKinnis Inc - 13315 B Street, Omaha, NE 68144

    Apply online at http://mckinnisinc.com/about/careers

    Inquiries please call (402) 426-2644 Ext. 1035 – Kasey Scott, Human Resource Manager

    Contact Information